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Mr. Hazel is the Clinical Manager with the Emergency Training Institute of T&T. He oversees all aspects of ETITT’s educational programmes. Mr.Hazel is a professional development specialist/consultant and paramedic with twenty years of experience and educational background in Emergency Medical Services Management, Disaster Management, Emergency Management, Adult and Continuing Education Administration with a Leadership development focus (Individual & Team).

He holds a BEd, MEd. and is currently reading (in his final year) for his Doctor of Educational Leadership in Higher Education (EdD).  

His professional activities and tasks are motivated and centered around individual and learning community development (organizational and societal). He is enthusiastic about how learning improves the lives of people in their specific contexts of work [income], leisure [contribute to society] and pleasure [fun]). Latent or implicit to these are the conceptual and relational aspects of structure, culture, motivation and communication.  

He engages in Research, Evaluation and Developmental (READ) programs. He is more interested in the human or social science as people are our most valuable resource within learning organizations and communities. Therefore, policy such as Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM), Strategic Planning (SP), Information Communication Technology (ICT) and associated theories such as Human and Social Capital Theory, learning and leadership theories are leveraged towards his professional practice.

Mr. Avery Jacob – Educator


Mr. Jacob started his career as an Emergency Medical Technician and subsequently proceeded to the position of Clinical auditor and supervisor in the Tobago Emergency Medical service. He later became the Medical Advance Post Manager for the Tobago Emergency Management Agency. He was the first person in Tobago to hold the qualification of Advance Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) with the National Registry of EMT’s (USA) upon completing the Paramedic Advanced Diploma.

With over fifteen years of Pre-hospital Care and Medical Health Service experience, he boasts a wealth of knowledge and skills both on-land and in the offshores arena.

In 2017 Mr. Jacob earned the designation of Critical Care Flight Paramedic through Creighton University (USA). He currently serves as a lead EMS Educator at the Emergency Training Institute of Trinidad and Tobago, educating personnel in basic and advanced healthcare.

Mr. Jacob is presently enrolled in Columbia Southern University pursuing his degree in EMS management.

Mr. Andy Brijmohansingh – Educator


Mr.Brijmohansingh has been involved in emergency medical services for over eleven years. Over those years he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge regarding the EMS culture and practices in Trinidad and Tobago.

Andy has served as an Emergency Medical Technician, preceptor, supervisor and Paramedic. During his tenure he has captured valuable experience that has helped to shape his career and me as a person. Mr. Brijmohansingh has served as an EMS Educator with the Emergency Training Institute of T&T for the past ten years. He also has the responsibility of clinical co-ordination for Paramedic students.

In addition to the EMS programmes, he actively teaches on a variety of continuing education courses such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Paediatric Advanced Life Support.

Recently, he completed his Critical Care Paramedic at Creighton University Nebraska, United States and is currently enrolled in an MSc programme in the discipline of Emergency Management and Resilience through a university in the UK.

Emergency Medical Services and its education is truly a labour of love & Mr.Brijmohansingh tries to convey that along with his passion for EMS to students and patients. For him, it Is all about being a good human and helping others better themselves.

Samuel Jemmot – Educator


Mr. Jemmott is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and has been an EMS Educator at the Emergency Training Institute Trinidad and Tobago for the past four years in the areas of Tertiary and Continuing Educational programmes at the basic and advanced levels. He received his Advanced- EMT Training from ETITT, his EMS Instructor Certificate from Creighton University EMS and a Bachelor of Science Nursing Education from The University of the West Indies. Mr.Jemmott is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Instructional design & Technology

He maintains professional memberships with a number of organizations inclusive of National Association Emergency Medical Technician (NAEMT), National Association Emergency Medical Services Educators (NAEMSE), Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) and Emergency Nursing Association (ENA).