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About Us

The Emergency Training Institute of Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited (E.T.I.T.T) was established in 2004 as an emergency training and education organization and is Registered with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago since 2009.

Our EMT, Advanced EMT & Paramedic programmes are all Approved by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago.

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Registration for EMT and Paramedic programmes are going on now  Call (868) 465-4298 or 665-7449 for more information. Email adminoffice@etitt.org

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We offer multiple courses, expert instructors and best management of your time, effort and money. A modernized institution that take cares of every aspect of learning including exam prepration, overcoming the weaknesses & skill enhancement. Choose us to choose best outcome 
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Registered with ACTT

The Emergency Training Institute of Trinidad & Tobago (E.T.I.T.T) is registered with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago (A.C.T.T) since 2009 and received programme approval in 2011.


In 2014, the EMT programme was approved for Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (G.A.T.E), by the Grants & Funding Division of the Ministry of Education


We're approved for the USA National Registry EMR, EMT & Advanced EMT exams which also provides the opportunity to benchmark our success rate and quality of our programmes against that of other states in the USA.

What Our Students Say



Thank you guys soooo much, not just for the ACLS course, but for the awareness. I know we'll be the better for it. Continue with your excellence as you continue to positively impact healthcare in this nation. You guys are way ahead of the curve...and I know we have not seen anything as yet! God bless!


Doing the EMT course was a priority for me. I take full responsibility for my learning, so I had to change my lifestyle and schedule to adapt to my classes. I choose ETITT because of the location of the school, recognition of the certificate, structure of the classes & the ability to be part of the EMS field. The online content & classroom sessions were well organized & the teachers & staff were helpful. Overall, this is one of the best schools I have attended. The environment is great for learning & at ETITT, learning is made easy.



My experience at ETITT, I must say was a pleasant one. The tutors are very very knowledgeable, willing toshare and give of their time. The classroom environment is quiet and learner friendly. The ambiance school itself is very peaceful and encouraging. There is always room for improvement but I think ETITT’s implementation of their courses is of a very high standard.



I heard about E.T.I.T.T and decided to give it a try, it was the best decision I made. Knowing that this is one of the careers that the economy requires. One of the main factors I considered when choosing the program is distance because I live in Tobago, however I never allowed my distance to keep me back or stop me from reaching my goal. It was challenging but I never gave up. I kept pushing forward because nothing great comes easy. In life, we have to be able to put things in place in order to achieve what we want, so I adjusted myself, made a plan and a study time table which helped me alot. I always received tremendous support from my teachers and my peer students, however it was still my responsibility to put in the work. The staff were very supportive throughout our studies. I never had any reason to leave the course.



A place where international standards are taught; professionals are born, raised and take success to levels never seen in Trinidad and Tobago's history.


Graduate (5 Stars)

Safe and Enjoyable learning environment with exceptional teachers knowledgeable in the Emergency Medical Services Field. This institute is beyond superb and I definitely recommend studying here!


Graduate (5 Stars)