CAMATA is a national organization committed to the advancement of expertise of health and aviation professionals actively involved or interested in aerospace medicine and aeromedical transport in the fields of direct patient care, education, research, and administration. The development and delivery of quality air medical training is key to our commitment to the promotion of quality air medical services.

This Canadian nationally accredited program is designed to make aware and train aero-medical personnel, to recognize the difference between land and air transport through the application of the principles of flight physiology and aeromedicine. The main focus is on the transport of patients, crew members and equipment in both fixed and rotary wing – to recognize and respect the changes that occur in the aeromedical atmosphere.

The CAMATA course covers the following concepts:

  • Introduction to interfacility and first response air medical transport, including long distances repatriation.
  • Aviation Physiology as it relates to the air medical provider.
  • Patient Care considerations related to air medical transport
  • Practical considerations related to first response transport, interfacility transport and long-distance repatriation including international transportation.
  • Aviation Considerations including legislation impacting the air medical provider
  • Safety in the Air Medical environment, including aircrew safety and fitness
  • Communications in the Aviation Environment
  • Infection Prevention and Control for the Air Medical Services
  • Survival Search & Rescue
  • Management of the Air Medical Service
  • Administrative Considerations
  • Case Reviews / Emergency Procedure

The course can be attended by Physicians, Registered Nurses, Advanced EMT’s & Paramedics and Sar-tech with a medical background

Tuition includes course manual & certificate which is valid for five years. Course duration is 2 days

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