An Introduction

The ETITT is Registered with the Accreditation Council of T&T (ACTT) since 2009. Our EMT, Advanced EMT & Paramedic programmes are all ACTT approved. The company has over 50 years of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) operations and educational related experience amongst its executive management. Our philosophy, is to work along with our client and customers in planning, developing, implementing and monitoring their training programs. We believe that education is a necessary part of employee development. We strive to ensure that our client’s resources are invested in proper training programs that meet or exceed local, regional and international standards.

Since inception, ETITT’s team of professionals have provided training to individuals and organizations in Law Enforcement, Military, Regional Health Authorities, Petrochemical, Fire Services, Physicians, Registered Nurses, Disaster agencies and much more.

ETITT programmes are designed to be relevant and contemporary, ensuring both academic and occupational value nationally, regionally and internationally. The institute is committed to ensuring that all students have direct and easy access to leading educators and a supportive learning environment for their educational journey. The educators at ETITT, have a wide and varied level of national and international expertise and the institute prides itself on the fact, that many educators are active in their fields of expertise while engaged in teaching, adding to their credibility and enhancing the overall value of the student experience.

We intend to promote Emergency Medical Services as an Allied Health profession in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean and offer the general public an additional career path in health care.


N.R.E.M.T Approval – We are approved by the U.S.A National Registry of EMT’s for the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician & Advanced EMT exams. In 2015, the ETITT was featured in the Fall newsletter of the NREMT (page 12 of attached document) regarding our Advanced EMT programme.

These external USA examinations, provides our students access to the most prestigious EMS certification in the USA, as well as the opportunity to benchmark our success rate and quality of our programmes against that of other states in the U.S.A. We offer the most “robust” and challenging EMS programmes in Trinidad & Tobago.

Registration & programme approval by the A.C.T.T and access to the USA National Registry examination, are critical components of our credibility, who we are and what we do. These standards help ensure our students receive the highest quality of EMS education locally, whilst maintaining international standards


Over the years, we have developed long standing relationships with International providers of quality Continuing Educational courses. These courses, we believe, help reinforce existing educational knowledge and provides an opportunity for the health care professional to learn of the most current trends, equipment and practice in healthcare. Physicians, Registered Nurses, EMS providers of various levels and other health care professionals attend our continuing education courses yearly.

Why Choose us


We are an equal opportunity emergency training and education organization. Our philosophy is to work along with our client and customers in planning, developing, implementing and monitoring their training programs. We strive to ensure that our training programs meet or exceed local, regional and international standards of EMS education.



Our Mission & Vision


Mission statement:

ETITT exists to provide emergency medical services (EMS) education and disaster preparedness for its clients

Vision Statement:

ETITT improves the health, education, safety and security of all citizens thereby contributing to their productivity and well-being


Quality Policy Statement


Quality Policy Statement:

The Emergency Training Institute of  Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited (ETITT) is committed to serving in a leadership role in EMS related and Disaster training and educational programs. We  are  committed  to providing  consistent  products  and  services  of  the  highest  quality  standard  which meets and exceeds the known and changing expectations of all stakeholders. We shall ensure that we comply with all relevant local and international regulations, while continuously improving our system and thus the value of our products and services. ETITT will provide an environment that fosters the enhancement of the Emergency Medical Service and Disaster   discipline   and   ensure   that   measurable   and   realistic   quality   objectives   are   established, communicated, and reviewed.

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