The Covid 19 pandemic has negatively impacted our lives in many ways. Socially, economically, financially, mentally, physically. It has challenged the best of health care systems worldwide and is causing a rapid transformation of our education systems. Amongst other things, Governments around the world are faced with budgetary constraints imposed upon them to meet the healthcare needs of Covid 19.

One message is clear around the world, that is we can all do our part to slow or stop the spread of Covid 19.  Washing hands, wearing of facemasks & social distancing are just a few of the many things we can do to ensure that along with ourselves, that our families, communities & country remains safe from the spread.

At the Emergency Training Institute of T&T, our students, staff, educators & visitors are all important to us. We take pride in educating our students and can only do so safely if we are proactive in our approach to managing Covid 19. 

We have prepared a guideline for all individuals visiting, working or attending classes at our Campuses. This includes completion of our Covid 19 online questionnaire prior to arriving at or entering our premises along with all other Covid 19 general requirements (masks, hand washing etc)

As updates regarding the management of Covid 19 from organizations such as the CDC, PAHO, WHO takes place, our policy document may change to reflect these new guidelines.

Below are links to local & international organizations with information regarding Covid 19. Please stay safe.

Contact numbers:

Eastern Regional Health Authority:  877-ERHA (877-3742)

South-West Regional Health Authority: 87-SWRHA (877-9742)

877-WELL (9355) hotline for Trinidad 

800-HEAL (4325) hotline for Tobago

CDC: Get the Facts About Coronavirus

Ministry of Health of T&T: Covid-19 General Information

PAHO/WHO: Coronavirus Disease/Covid-19

Student Video links: Covid 19 overview Mask wearing Hand washing

Curt Pierre
Chief Operations Officer
Emergency Training Institute of T&T